Viral Pay Review: Is Viral Pay Legit or Scam?

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Welcome to my Viral Pay Review!

I am not a member at Viral Pay, and I have never tried it to make money online.

Although ViralPay was very popular in 2015 to 2018, the reason I decided to do this ViralPay review is because this company keeps changing its name. In such a case, you might easily get scammed if you do not know some of the new names they go by lately (read is viral pay legit section below)

We all want to make extra cash, especially fast and free. I applaud you for taking your time to research if this opportunity and many others you might have come across are legit or not.

I previously did ixqtv review and cash for patriot’s programs review, which you can check out to be aware of other scam make money online opportunities to avoid.




Name: Viral Pay or Viralpay

Website: (broken/non-existent)

Founded: 2015, not known by who

Cost: It is free to join

Is viral pay legit: No, it is a scam you should avoid at all cost (find evidence below)

Does Viral Pay really pay: No, they will not pay all your hard earned money (find evidence below)

Recommended for who: No one, this opportunity is a scam, you will end up wasting your time!

What we recommend instead: Look at these other Tried & Tested apps/sites to make money online free without being taken advantage of or being scammed.


Viral Pay Pros

Viral Pay Cons

·         Get free $25 sign up bonus ·         Too many negative reviews
·         No upfront or registration fees, its free to join/sign up ·         They do not pay
·         The tasks are simple and can be done by anyone without any training ·         Too good to be true-they claim you can make $500 per day
·         Can complete all tasks on your mobile phone-this convenience will allow you to work from anywhere, anytime ·         Too many red flags (read reasons it’s a scam section below)

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Viral Pay calls itself an influencer network because they claim to help social media users to make money from their social media accounts and followers.

So the question is how do they do that?

a) Referrals

After you sign up and gain access to the Member’s area, you will be able to get your unique referral link.

You will then copy that referral link then share it to your social media account, such as Twitter or Facebook.

Look at the example below of a Viral Pay member promoting their affiliate link on Twitter.


When someone clicks on that link, Viral Pay promises to pay you $2 for every click. That means if your link gets 1000 clicks per day, you make $500 that day.

If any of the people who clicked on your link happens to sign up as a member at Viral Pay, you get $10 for every successful sign up.


b) Sign up Bonus

A sign up bonus is free money given by companies and apps to new members.

For instance, Viral Pay gives $25 bonus to all its new members.

When you log in into your account as a new member you will find $25 as your current balance as shown in the image below;


c) $30 tasks Offers

Viral Pay work with other third-Party websites and companies.

Those partners will often post offers on Viral Pay dashboard.

You can complete the downloading apps, contents, completing surveys and getting coupons offers and make $30 for every task you complete.



d) Youtube Videos

Viral Pay encourage its members to create videos where they are promoting Viral Pay and recommending it to other people.

If your video follows all their guidelines and is uploaded to your Youtube account successfully, they will pay you $50 for every video you upload.


How To Make $50 Daily Taking Surveys

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The simple answer is NO!

This company keeps rebranding and changing its name from time to time.

In April 2019 Viral Pay changed its name to Viral Dollars.

All online Viral Dollars reviews like this one’s here and here come to a similar conclusion which is that the program is a scam.

After looking to Viral Dollars Facebook account I noticed they have 59 likes only and only have negative reviews.


In July 2019, Viral Pay was again going by another name. This time around the name was Referral Pay.

Again looking into Referral Pay reviews especially on Quora it turned out to be another scam program to avoid.


In 2020 and further, I further researched other programs with a similar make money model as Viral Pay and came up with over 11 listed below;

You never know which of the above Viral Pay has rebranded to. Therefore, keep away from this program and its “similar sisters and brothers” to be safe.


1. Negative Reviews Everywhere

Viral Pay has negative reviews on Twitter, Quora, Facebook, Youtube and all other social media platforms.

Their customers have continuously expressed negative feedback towards this company all the time.

TrustPilot reviews


Twitter Reviews


Quora Reviews


2. They do not Pay

The one constant complain towards Viral Pay by its customers is that they do not Pay.

Most of their members have left reviews on TrustPilot, a popular review website, claiming they never received their money.


3. Free to Join

Viral Pay program is completely free to join, that is not the problem because most legit programs are.

The problem is Viral Pay is giving away too much money. For example, they give a $25 sign up bonus, pay $50 to create a marketing video and $2 to promote them on your social media accounts.

The question is where they get the cash to pay their affiliates. From their business model, they do not seem to be making money in any way except through having you complete offers posted by third-party partners then they are paid on your behalf since they cancel every payment request.

4. Rebranding

Viral Pay keeps changing their name over and over again (read is viral pay legit section above)

Viral Dollars, Referral Pay, ViralMarket among others are some of the names that have been associated with this company.

It is possible they change their names after they run into lawsuits or hide their identity when too many customer complaints crop up.

From their Meta tags it appears their history can be traced back from the era when Kids Earn Cash and Kids Get Money scam programs existed. The two seems to have been previous names of Viral Pay.


5. Anonymous Ownership

It is not known who is the person or company behind the creation and management of Viral Pay.

Maybe the owner conceals their identity to avoid lawsuits or being killed by hungry clients whom he/she has scammed.

If this whole Viral Pay model was legit, the owner would have no issues with being known to the public.

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Do we recommend Viral Pay to our reader?


I want to believe that you have read through this Viral Pay review, and if you have I am sure you will agree with me beyond reasonable doubt that program is not recommended for any one.

They do not pay, so you will be wasting your time and resources working with them.

They keep changing their names maybe to confuse new customers who are likely to fall into their scam tactics.

Take time to read their reviews on every platform and you will find what their customers do best is complain how their accounts were closed down after requesting payment.

Here is what we recommend instead…


1.  PROOFREAD ANYWHERE: Learn how to make money proofreading. Read 40 proofreading jobs.

2.  SWAGBUCKS: Get paid to take surveys, play games, shop, watch TV, and more in this post.

3. SURVEY JUNKIE: Earn up to $50 per survey on this site. Read our Survey Junkie Review.

4.  ZIPPY LOAN: Borrow a bad credit loan from $100 to $15,000. Check out 10 similar loan sites.

5.  NIELSEN MOBILE APP: Get paid $50 to use this app. Discover other 60 money making apps.

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