Goherenext Reviews: Is Goherenext Scam Or Legit?

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Goherenext Reviews: Is Goherenext Scam?


Goherenext is one of the many reviews I write on this site to help you discover legit work from home opportunities and avoid scams that will only waste your time and steal your money.

In this Goherenext Review, I shall help you determine if this is a legit way to make money online or one of the many make money online scams you should avoid.

Apart from goherenext.com, the name of this website is also spelled out as go here next.com, and goherenow.com.


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What is Goherenext.com?


 Goherenext.com is an MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) online business.

MLM’s are also known as network marketing businesses, pyramid schemes, or referral marketing selling.

MLM business models are where an under the table workforce is hired to sell the company’s products or services in exchange for a commission and referral bonus for every recruit you bring.

IXQTV is another popular MLM business you can find if it’s legit or scam on that post.

When you type this URL Goherenext.com on Google, you arrive at a page with this URL, https://radiozeronine.createmyfuture.com/.

On that page, you are asked to provide your names, email, and phone number to gain access to a video that will show you how MR. X makes more than $10,000 from home.



In my guess, the MR.X guy they are talking about is Roger Barnett, the CEO of Shaklee, a well-known seller of nutrition, beauty, homecare and other health-boosting products for the last 66 years in business.

When I am talking of Shaklee am referring to a company with the same marketing model as the famous brand Avon known for the sale of top-rated beauty products, such as jewelry, skincare, cosmetics, and fragrances among others.

Therefore, if you agree to join Goherenext MLM business, you shall be tasked with the role of promoting Shaklee’s nutrition, home care, and personal care health products.

In this role, you shall use word of mouth, phone calls, door to door pitching to make sure that you make a sale.

For every successful transaction, you shall earn a commission.

Another way to earn in this company is through signing up recruits to become Goherenext.com representatives or sales agents.

For every successful referral, you get a free sign up bonus and earn a commission on the lifetime earnings to that recruit.

You also earn a commission from other people that recruit will refer to the company.



Goherenext Green Flags


There are few positive green lights about this company, which might show that Goherenext.com could be legit.

Firstly, Shaklee is a well-known brand with over 66 years of’ service in the market.

Their products have positive reviews and recommendations from their clients.

They have an A+ rating on the Better Business Bureau, and it is referred to as an “accredited business.”


Secondly, this is a work from home opportunity, which means you get to work from anywhere within your timing schedules.

It is an ideal job for the following people: stay at home moms, housewives, seniors and retirees, lazy people, and work at home dads, among others.



Goherenext Scam- 6 Red Flags & Warning Signals


#1 Goherenext deal is too good, think twice about it


They promise to show you how to make more than $10,000 per month from home from the case study of someone who has built four billion-dollar companies.

That sounds so promising expect that they do not offer any proof of evidence, and they also do not disclose the identity of the person in their case study they are referring to.

Do not let them fool you with this promise because you have to do the hard work of selling Shaklee products or referring new people to earn commissions and bonuses.




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#2 Your personal information is at risk at goherenext


You must provide your names, email, and phone numbers to be able to join this company.

Most scammers will ask for your email or phone numbers so that they will be able to send random sales messages a method known as email marketing.

Additionally, in the wrong hands, that information can be used by hackers to steal from you or by cyberbullies to stalk and harass you and your family or friends.



#3 Goherenext website does not look that legit


This website does not have an “About page” where we can learn more about goherenext business model or team behind the business.

When you type this URL Goherenext.com on Google, you arrive at a page with this URL, https://radiozeronine.createmyfuture.com/.

Most scammers create multiple domain names then use redirection to link them all to the main page, which could be the case in the redirection above.

This redirection is proof that goherenext is marketing someone else products, which means if you work for them, you are number 5, 6, 7, or 20 in the business chain.



#4 Goherenext is not free


If you thought this was making money online free chance or a fee-free work from home job, you are wrong.

To unlock and activate the product software, you must pay $47 per month, which will be equivalent to around $600 per year.

That is a lot of money, especially if you stop and think that marketing is not as easy as you think, which means that there is no guarantee that you shall make enough month to compensate that $47 at the end of the month and still have some profit.


#5 Goherenext has no social media presence


The most legit and serious business will have a presence or voice in at least one social media platform, such as Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and LinkedIn, among others. I did not find any social media account linked to Goherenext.com.


#6 Goherenext is not recommended in most forums


Forums are platforms where people ask questions that are answered by experts in that field.

This is how a Quora reviewer describes goherenext business model;

“But it’s so freakin’ lame that it’s annoying. I mean, come on. Really? Is there still a person on this planet who buys into this crap?”


Another goherenext review on Yahoo answers states the following;

“Goherenext is a part of the Create My Future network. I don’t believe that it’s a scam. But don’t be fooled into thinking that it’s some get rich quick program either.”




Goherenext.com Final Thoughts


I would not say Goherenext.com is a scam. The website seems to present a legit marketing opportunity for Shaklee products.

On the other hand, this opportunity is not a get rich quick means.

Additionally, it is not free- you have to pay $47 every month to access the products. More so, you have to do the heavy work of being an enthusiastic sales agent to earn commissions and bonuses.

In that case, I would advise you to look for more legit online jobs, part-time jobs, weekend jobs, or side jobs, which will require lesser effort, and most of them will be completely free to start.

I can work from home with my kids and earn more than $3000 per month with blogging. Please read this post to see how I do it.

Therefore, you can do it too in more legit ways.


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Goherenext Reviews: Is Goherenext Scam?




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