Is IAPWE Scam? Iapwe Freelancer Writer Jobs Reviews 2022


IAPWE is an acronym for International Association of Profession Writer and Editors.

It is a site that promises to offer online jobs to freelance writers and editors/proofreaders.

This is one of the most detailed  IAPWE reviews, where I will help you determine the following;

  • Is Iapwe Scam
  • Is Iapwe Legit
  • Can you make money as an Iapwe freelance writer

Iapwe Company Overview


Product Name: International Association of Profession Writer and Editors (IAPWE)


Owner: Amy Wilkerson & Others

Purpose: A membership club for freelance writers and editors who want to make money online.

Price: $6 in the first month, then $40 in the second month.

Do I Recommended: No


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Is Iapwe Scam or Legit?

Yes and no.

No, Iapwe is not a scam because;

  • This company has been around for a while since its website has content from 2015.
  • They have active social media accounts.
  • They have a very active blog, which they update regularly.

Yes, Iapwe is a scam because;

  • They do not disclose that you must pay a membership fee to access the available jobs.
  • They pose as a legit employer, only to realize that IAPWE is just a middleman, which works in association with job boards, and job sites.
  • They have a very poor score of B- on better business bureau (BBB).
  • They do not update the jobs regularly.


Five Red Flags That Makes Iapwe Scam

1. Registration Is So Easy

 Most sites that provide remote writing work have a strict registration process.

In most cases, you have to do an English test and deliver a sample of your writing before your application is considered complete or valid.

In the case of this site, they will not even ask for your resume. You will just need to provide your name and email in the simple sign-up form.

When it comes to the sample, you will need to provide any of your writings from your directory.

This is very unpredictable because some people can download such samples from Google or borrow some from their friends.

If a site does not take vetting new workers seriously, in most cases they are not legit.


2. Unnecessary Long Wait Application

To submit your application, you will visit this link ( and then click on the “APPLY” button on the primary bar.

Next answer the questions that follow where you are required to provide your name, type of content you write, a sample of your writing, and approval of the pay.





After you click continue, you will be asked to send an email to to complete your application.


Now that is where the problem is because some applicants have complained that they have to wait for months before they receive any feedback.

Given that the registration is so easy and basic, they should not take that long to review and approve or decline applications.


3. Deceiving Craiglist Ads

I came to discover IAPWE through the craigslist ad below, announcing the vacancy for blog posts and article writers.


From the beginning, I had my doubts about this opportunity because Craigslist is full of scammers since most of the job listings are not vetted to determine their credibility.

Again, I did not trust this opportunity because the deal seemed so good to be true.

They claim that as a writer you shall make $10 for every 100 words, which means you shall make $100 for 1000 words post.

I can write 5000 words daily and more, and that would mean that I can make $500 per day with IAPWE, which would make $10,000 per month if I worked 20 days.

That deal sounds so sugar-coated and so exaggerated to be true. What do you think?

MY RECOMMENDATION: Avoid hustling for jobs on sites like craigslist, instead try out legit jobs boards like Flexjobs where all jobs are vetted before they are posted to the public.



4. Do not fully disclose important details

When registering, one is made to believe that they will get freelance writing and editing jobs for free.

After you get accepted as a writer, one of the painful truths that will hit you is that you will have to pay a membership fee to be able to access those jobs.

They do not have any jobs, they work in association with job boards, job listing sites, and employers to curate those listings, and that is why you have to pay a fee to join the IAPWE Membership Club.


5. Expensive & No refund Membership

If you do not pay you will not have access to those writing jobs, which means IAPWE will not benefit you in any way.

The membership is quite affordable if you are getting an 85% discount, which they give to new customers, you end up paying $6 in your first month.

If you decide to keep your subscription in the second month, you will pay $40 because the discount will not be active.


Some users have complained that canceling the IAPWE subscription is almost impossible because the process is too long.

They had to cancel the subscription from their PayPal account as explained in the image below;

The same user above said that the IAPWE job board is not regularly updated.

Additionally, the jobs they post can be found on freelancer marketplaces like Upwork or Fiverr.


5. Better Business Bureau (BBB) Profile

BBB is a website that ranks the authority and trust score of businesses depending on the reviews left by users or years the business has been in business.

IAPWE has a rating of B- on BBB, which indicates a low trust score.

Many people have little confidence in IAPWE’s credibility and ability to deliver the results they claim they can give to writers and editors.




Frequently Asked Questions About Iapwe Freelance Writer Jobs


Is Iapwe Real?

Yes, Iapwe is a real membership site and job board for freelance writers and editors.

They have a legit website, which is updated daily and has a very detailed About page which explains the goal and mission of Iapwe.


How Do I Cancel My Iapwe Subscription?

Iapwe does not provide any information on how to cancel the subscription on their site.

In that case, you can either reply to the email which approved your application, then request a cancellation in the email message.

Alternatively, you can submit your request through the IAPWE Contact Us form, which can be found on their website.

Note: The cancellation process takes too long and you will have to wait for months or days before you get any feedback.

Freelancers who pay through PayPal prefer to cancel directly from their PayPal account as explained in the image below;


Image Source

Wrapping It Up


Iapwe is not entirely a scam, but I personally do not recommend it because;

One, there are other free alternatives like Fiverr and Flexjobs where you can get the same jobs on Iapwe without paying anything.

Two, you cannot become rich on this site because the jobs are not updated regularly, which means there is not many jobs that can make you lots of money here.



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