How To Make 300 Dollars Fast Online

How to make $300 fast online Sproutmentor
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Welcome to this guide on how to make 300 dollars fast online.

I have also written a similar guide on how to make 300 dollars fast as a kid or put in other words how to make 300 dollars fast for 13 year olds.

We shall also give you ways to make money online fast which will help you answer the question how to make 300 dollars in a week? They will also help you to know how to quickly make money when you are saying “I need money desperately”

Therefore, I will show you the simple tips on how to get 300 dollars fast online using simple opportunities which are all ways to make money online free without paying anything.

Another good news about these opportunities is that they allow you to work from home or any other remote location of your choice.

Additionally, they are part time jobs which means you will have the freedom of setting flexible working hours and schedules based on your daily engagements.

Finally, another upside of these ways to make 300 dollars fast is that they are under the table jobs commonly known as off the books jobs which pay in cash only. Some even will pay you the same day or in the next 72 hours.



If You’re In a Hurry, Here Is a Quick Summary!



Swagbucks: Get paid cash rewards and points for completing offers, such as browsing, watching videos, taking tests, and completing surveys, among others.

If you like to use your mobile phone, sign up to Swagbucks through this link for mobile users.

InboxDollars is the next alternative to Swagbucks.



Survey Junkie: A popular survey site online to earn cash by sharing your thoughts and opinions.

Check out my honest Survey Junkie Review to be able to determine if its a site you would like to try out or not.

You can also check out the most recommended survey sites which pay in cash not points on that post for more options.



Zippy Loan: Get a fast unsecured loan for bad credit from $100 to $15000 deposited to your bank account by tomorrow.

That loan can help you start a business which will help you to make $50 or more daily.



StarClicks: Get paid to click ads and pages on this site. A very lazy and easy way to make extra cash!





1. Take a loan

A bank loan can take too long to get approved. The good news is that there are many online loans sites which will give you a fast approval loan deposited into your bank account within 5 business days.

You do not have to worry about having a bad credit record because these 15 loan sites will give you loans for bad credit.

If you are wondering how to make 300 dollars fast online with this method, I recommend you start out with checking out Zippy Loan and

Pro Tip: Use Credit score tools like Identify IQ Credit Score to determine your accurate credit score so that you know the right loans to apply to without wasting resources or time on dead-end applications.


2. Take Surveys

There are more than 1000 survey sites on the web. You must remember that not all of them are legitimate. That is why we compiled a list of 50 survey sites we believe are legit and scam-free.

My personal favorite is Survey Junkie. I have written a Survey Junkie review explaining how I use it to make at least $50 daily while working from home.

You can also check out the five below;


3. Make money with your phone

There are so many money making apps that will pay you to walk, shop, watch videos and do other tasks.

Below are some of the best mobile apps that will pay you to use your mobile phone;

  • Mint: This app will help you to save money you spend on text, internet and data plans.
  • Nielsen: Get paid $50 to keep this app active on your phone.
  • Drop: App that will pay you to shop online.
  • TransferWise: Make money through transferring money from one person to the next.


4. Become a Freelancer

A freelancer is someone who does not have an official 9-5 day job. What they have are short-term contracts or projects assigned by clients.

Most companies cannot afford in-house employees for certain jobs like graphic design or programming among others, and that is why freelancing is a high demand online job.

Fiverr is one of the most popular freelance marketplace where you can get started.

If you prefer using your mobile phone, follow this link to download the Fiverr Android App.


5. Join Reward Sites

Reward sites also known as Get Paid To sites are places where you make money through completing simple tasks like watching videos, taking short tests and installing apps among others.

The advantage of these platforms is that they are free to join and they accept people from anywhere in the world. Which means you can make 300 dollars fast with this method from anywhere.

I recommend you check out Swagbucks and Timebucks.


6. Sell Photos

Photography is a lucrative weekend job online. There are many types of body pictures you can sell online such as your feet pics, hand images and nudes among others.

There are so many places online where you can sell photos like photo apps like Foab, photo marketplaces like Fotomoto and stock photography websites.

I recommend you check out Shutterstock or Deposit Photos to get started.


7. Become a delivery agent

People always order products online especially when they shop them from e-commerce sites like Amazon. Others also order food from their favorite fast food joints. Others, will buy groceries from home then have them delivered to their home.

All the above are opportunities where you can get hired to become a delivery driver who takes packages to people’s homes or places of work.

I recommend you check out the following:

  • Doodash for food delivery jobs
  • Instacart for grocery delivery orders
  • Shipt for package delivery
  • com for all orders related to delivering flowers.
  • Pretty Litter for pet deliveries and supplies.
  • Hello Fresh for delivery of recipe ingredients and meal-kit supplies.
  • Drizly for Liquor, alcohol, beer, wines and spirit delivery.


8. Rent out your car

We are in the holiday season where people love to travel from one place to another.

Some people will want to hire cars they can use to do that with. There are many online websites where you can list your car for renting.

For example, you can check out GetAround to get 300 dollars fast with your car.

Pro Tip: If you are looking for a bad credit company which will give you a car loan, I recommend you check out



9. Become a sales representative

A company like Avon, one of the largest global seller of beauty and skin care products is always looking for sales representatives to help make more sales.

Follow this link to sign up as an Avon sales reps today!


10. Sell electronics you do not use

Decluttr is one of the best sites where you can sell your old phones which you no longer use. You can also sell old DVDs, CDs, games and books on this app.

The advantage of selling through this app is that they will handle all the shipping for you.


11. Create paid courses & Books

Is there something you know more than the average person? For example, since I am a blogger I have lots of blogging tips I can teach. Additionally, if you are a programmer you can teach some website coding to beginners.

Additionally, if you are a financial analyst or specialist, you can teach investing, banking and loan borrowing among other financial management tips to people.

Writing books or creating courses are some of the ways to share that knowledge.

You can sell courses on free platforms like Udemy and books on SendOwl if you are wondering how to make 300 dollars fast online through selling books and courses.


12. Perform Tasks

There are so many tasks you can get paid to do for people like delivery, shopping, moving stuff, assembling furniture, mounting staff and cleaning errands among others.

TaskRabbit is one of the most popular sites you can use to get clients who want such small tasks completed for them.


13. Become a caregiver

When parents or guardians are away, they hire nannies and babysitters to look after their children and elderly parents when they are away.

Some will also hire pet sitters to walk their dogs and perform other grooming or care giving tasks to them while they are away or busy handling other tasks. and Rover are some of the places you can get such jobs that will help you to make 300 dollars fast online.


14. Paid to Drive

Companies like Uber and Lyft have made this side job viable.

This is a job where you become a driver paid to get people from one place to another place.

HyreCar is another company where you can get such types of jobs.

Pro Tip: You can also get paid by these car advertising companies to wrap ads in your car. Some of these car advertising companies will help you to make more than $1000 per month especially if you drive a lot.



Final Thoughts

Now you know 14 ways you can use to make 300 dollars fast.

Most of these are ways to make money online free without paying anything or investing any startup capital.

You can leave a comment below telling me your experience with some of the above ways to get 300 dollars fast or even adding others to the list which I might have left out.

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