Easy Online & Summer Jobs For 10 Year Olds That Pay Well Without Experience/Degree


What are the best age-appropriate Jobs For 10 Year Olds?

In this blog post we are going to talk about how 10 year olds can make extra money with;

Out of all the jobs found in the three categories above, we are going to sort those which are suitable and age-appropriate for 10 year olds.

Finding the best-paying jobs for 10 year olds is something most parents love to do. The aim is not to get a child employed and self-independent but to teach them responsibility.

There are many jobs kids can do within the house. Even though this is the case, most parents would opt to teach their kids to build relationships. One way of doing so is encouraging them to work for their neighbor or friends for a little pay.


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Easy Jobs For 10 Year Olds That Pay Well Without Experience/Degree

Baby Sitter

Kids love other kids, and having a 10 year old as a babysitter is exciting. They provide both care and company.

A young couple with only one kid will highly benefit from having a 10 year old as a babysitter. The presence of a kid creates a friendly environment, which helps to build confidence.

Kids also learn how to speak faster when they interact with fellow kids. As a result, having a 10 year old as a babysitter is highly advantageous.

A 10 year old would do a better babysitting job than a grown-up. Kids have a unique way of connecting and creating strong friendships.

Parenting who are busy or spend time at work can employ a 10 year old to keep their child company.

A 10 year old can feed, play and keep a small kid company. Actually, a small kid would develop a positive attitude and cognitive behavior when they spend time with a 10 year old.

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Dog Walking

Of course, not all dogs can be walked by a 10 year old. When considering jobs for 10 year olds, investigate the potential employer to ensure the dog is a friendly breed.

Imagine giving a Pitbull to a 10 year old. That would be dangerous, right? As a parent, make sure the god is calm and friendly.


Pet Sitting

Pet sitting involves taking care of a wide range of animals. For example, feeding birds, cats, dogs, or goats, among others, can be an excellent job for 10 year olds.

The job is easy and less involved. A young person would not find pets intimidating and thus take care of them well.

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Pet Grooming

Children like cats. Employing a 10 year old to care for a cat would be an exciting adventure. Kids would spend many hours grooming cats, and this demonstrates the amount of love they harbor.

Pet grooming qualifies as one of the best jobs for 10 year olds. Apart from bonding with the cat, they keep them clean. On top of that, they get paid for the grooming work. This is another way to teach children how to be responsible.


Lawn Mowing

Lawn mowing is one of the jobs for 10 year olds but should be done with caution. This is a job that is very common during summertime. Children who have the skills to operate mowing machines can do this job and get paid.

Kids can advertise their services by placing posters at strategic points along the street. They are recommended to serve people within their locality for safety purposes.

Parents are encouraged to supervise their children who choose to do lawn mowing jobs until they gain enough experience.


Yard Work

Yard work is another job for 10 year olds. A kid can do tasks such as removing weeds, watering flowers, and planting some seeds.

Employing kids to do such jobs is a great way to keep them engaged. A 10 year old can work in their neighbor’s yard and earn extra income.


Paper Route

Paper route is an ideal job for 10 year olds. In fact, parents who want to keep their children engaged can hook them up with newspaper distributors to get assigned to particular businesses.

After a successful delivery, children can get paid, which is a way to make some extra cash.

Parents must exercise caution when encouraging children to do paper route jobs. The security in the area they operate has to be good


Face Painting

Children with painting skills can make money doing face painting on other kids at the party. If parents notice that their child has painting skills, they can nurture them by seeking employment opportunities at the park.

Face painting can is done during parties such as birthdays, gender reveals, or gets together. A kid with skills can make some extra income from painting other children.



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Summer Jobs For 10 Year Olds


Some kids can get employed to clean. Even though this job can teach kids to be responsible, it is not highly recommended.

Cleaning jobs do attract some exploitation. If a parent chooses their kid to do a cleaning job, it must be supervised at a friend’s house.

Take some precautions when encouraging a kid to do a cleaning job because it can lead to legal consequences.



Acting is a job like any other, and kids who engage in acting enhance their creativity. Some production houses employ kids to make films for children.

This is one of the jobs 10 year olds kids who are creative can consider undertaking. Acting job pays well. Some kids can make even $10k per film.

Any parent whose kid is creative and confident enough to participate in acting should consider connecting them with a production house.


Helping Elderly People

Spending time with older adults helps kids to develop some sense of responsibility. There can listen to great stories and receive encouraging words to live positively.

Parents who want to keep their kids off bd practices can encourage them to work in nursing homes or help older adults in their homes.

The remunerations they receive would encourage them to become responsible and also learn to be self-reliant.

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Lemonade Stand

A lemonade stand is something that every parent who wants to teach their kids life skills thinks of first. This not only keeps them engaged, but they make money from the juice that they sell.

Lemonade stand business is an ideal job for 10 years olds which can be done during summertime.

A parent can setup up a stand near the park’s gate or along the street. People need something to quench their thirst and calm down from the scorching sun. A cup of lemonade would do, which is why this has been an ideal job for 10 years olds.


Handing Out Flyers

Have you ever attended parties and found kids giving out flyers? Kids like such jobs and would do them anytime if appreciated.

Parents can take this opportunity to inform their kids’ of places where family parties are happening.

This is one way to teach kids to be responsible early.



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Part-Time Online Jobs For 10 Year Olds From Home

Start a YouTube Channel

Kids are making it on YouTube. The number of things that can be done on this platform is limitless.

Once a parent realizes that their kids are creative, they should consider starting a YouTube channel for them.

YouTube pays per number of views and viewing duration. Since millions of kids on YouTube wait for new content, it is possible to make a good income from uploading videos.

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Video Game Tester

Developers create games daily but must receive feedback from users before publishing. Testing video games helps to identify errors for the developer to correct before the app is launched. This is where testers come in to provide their opinion.

Kids with smartphones or computers can register on websites offering games testing jobs, and start making money.

Video game testers get paid well for each game that they test.

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Technology has advanced to a level where there are cameras that kids can operate. In this case, photography has been one of the ideal jobs for 10 years olds which can help them to make money.

People are looking for images for many purposes. Kids can take pictures of the city landscape, building, nature, and best monuments and posts them on marketplaces. Some places they can list such images include ShutterStock, Etsy, and the creative market.

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Do Online Surveys

Many companies selling kids’ products post surveys on job sites to get opinions about their products. This is one of the jobs for 10 year olds that be done from home.

Kids can register on survey websites and complete as many surveys as possible. The websites pay for every completed task. Additionally, kids would gain experience and keep themselves engaged.

Here are the best three survey sites I recommend: Survey Junkie, Swagbucks & InboxDollars

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Jobs For 10 Year Olds Frequently Asked Questions

Can you work when you are 10 years old?

The legally recognized working age is 14 years, but parents may teach their kids how to be responsible by finding easy tasks from them within their locality.


What is the youngest age Mcdonald’s hires?

No. The age to qualify to work at McDonald’s is 14 years.


Which are the best jobs for 10 year olds online?

The best-paying jobs for 10 year olds online include starting a YouTube channel, selling photographs, and filling out surveys


What job can a 10 year old have?

Some jobs a 10 year old can do include pet sitting, pet grooming, lawn mowing, and YouTube content creator, among others.


Wrapping It Up

Jobs for 10 years olds are not meant to make kids self-reliant but teach them responsibility. When kids complete a task, they learn how to work independently without supervision.

Parents who choose to teach their kids from an early age make them more responsible when they grow up.

The jobs discussed in this article would help kids to make some extra income. Although this is the case, parental support is necessary because 10 year olds have not yet attained the legal age of 14 to work.

Other Age-appropriate Jobs:




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