17 Legit Websites Where Men Give You Money In 2024

Get paid to message guys Sproutmentor

Did you know you can get paid to message guys? 

In this post, we are going to talk about 17 legit websites where men give you money for chatting, flirting, texting, and sexting with them.

These websites present an opportunity where beautiful women can earn extra income, but you need to read this guide before you get started to understand how to stay safe from scammers.

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17 Legit Websites Where Men Give You Money

On such websites, you make money through several strategies such as;

#1 Etsy

You don’t have to compromise on your morals to get money from men.

Let me start by showing you some ways to make men pay you while doing something morally ethical.

Etsy is a website where you can get men to give you money by selling them handmade physical or digital goods.

One common example of physical goods you can sell is the like gifts for a boyfriend, dad, or husband, such as personalized wallets, ring among others.

Such goods have a high demand during special celebration seasons like anniversaries, Christmas, and New Year among other times.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to deal with the logistics of shipping, you can sell digital goods like planners, journals, and SVG files among other digital downloads.


#2 Youtube

Youtube allows you to crowdsource fundraiser campaigns as long as you meet these guidelines;

  • Your channel has at least 10k subscribers
  • You are already approved for the YouTube partner program
  • Your channel does not publish content made for kids
  • You reside in one of the countries where the program is available

You can use this program to get rich men who are your audience and fans to support your efforts.

If you want to accelerate the growth of your YouTube channel, get this YouTube branding kit, which will help you to build a very successful channel that qualifies for this program.

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#3 Tour Bar

At Tour Bar you shall be able to;

Get a travel buddy for your next shopping day, eat-out date, beach walk, hiking nature walk, and more.

Find a dating or marriage partner or even soulmate who enjoys the fun things, which make your life adventurous and fun.

Build your friendship base and networking relations through meeting cool friends and acquaintances on this site.

They have over one million registered members, which means there is a high likelihood of finding a like-minded buddy, date, or partner on this platform.

Additionally, they offer both Google Play and Apple Store mobile apps, which will make doing everything on your phone seamless and effective.


#4 Text121Chat

 From the name of this site, you can tell that it’s a platform where you get paid to text chat.

You can work either as a phone sex operator, chat support agent, or customer service agent.

Their get paid to answer text messages jobs are well paid.

The site has lots of clients, meaning there will be lots of jobs available.

VISIT: https://jobs.text121chat.com/


#5 TextKings

You shall find three types of jobs on this site;

Your role in these jobs will be to receive, process, and answer text messages.

You do not need any college degree to do that or special expertise.

However, you shall need fast typing speed and some basic computer knowledge.

VISIT: https://texkings.com/


#6 Freelancer

Another site similar to this one is Fiverr where you can also get paid to be a fake girlfriend.

These two are freelance marketplaces where clients post all types of jobs such as internet girlfriend jobs.

To find such jobs on these platforms, you can enter one of the following phrases or keywords on the search bar;


“Girlfriends for cash”

” Online girlfriend jobs”

VISIT: https://www.freelancer.com/work/online-girlfriend-for-hire/


#7 Rent A Date

On this site, you get to rent a woman for the night or hire a girlfriend for a party.

It is a platform where you are able to rent a girlfriend for a date, party outing, or one-night stand sexual encounter.

This is the site to hire or rent a girlfriend during social events, party functions, and night outs.

VISIT: http://www.rentadate.com/


#8 FlirtBucks

Flirting is the process of acting playfully, and romantically in calls, videos, texts, and other platforms with men.

On this site, you get paid to text flirt with men looking for fun and sexual arousal from sexy and highly attractive women.

If you want to get paid to text guys this is one of the sites you can get people who are willing to pay you to become a virtual friend.

VISIT: https://flirtbucks.net


#9 Dream Lover

Are you a beautiful, romantic, and sexy woman wondering how can a pretty girl make money online?

If you are, this site is one of the many platforms where you can make money chatting online with lonely men.

Another way to make extra cash on this site is through hosting webcam videos or selling your body pictures.

VISIT: https://www.dreamlover.com/


#10 FindMySugarBaby

If you have been looking for websites where men give you money, then you can across one.

Men on this site are always looking for fake girlfriends for hire who they can go out with or have sexual encounters without strings attached.

Therefore, you get paid to talk to lonely people online on this site.

Chatting with guys can be very rewarding financially if you love to flirt, sext or engage in any erotic encounters with men.

It is also a platform where you can get paid to text men who are looking for companionship from women willing to engage in flirting or sexting activities.

VISIT: https://fundmysugarbaby.com/


#11 MyGirlFund

Do you want to make money talking to men online? This is one of the best sites to make money by texting, chatting, and sexting online with men.

They offer live text chat rooms where you paid to message guys either through text, voice, or video calls.

You can also send photos of yourself to guys then they will pay you in exchange.

Hosting webcam videos is also another way to make extra cash on this site.

VISIT: https://help.mygirlfund.com/hc/en-us


#12 LipService

This site offers two types of jobs; Phone actress texting jobs and Phone chat operator jobs.

In both jobs, you shall get paid to chat with strangers.

This company has been active since 1987 which means it has an established market reputation and popularity. This way you are sure they have many clients, a secure platform, and lots of jobs.

Another advantage is that you can do all the jobs they offer which makes this one of the best jobs for stay-at-home moms or housewives sitting at home.

VISIT: https://lipservice.net/


#13 Chat Recruit

This is a get-paid-to-chat app that offers two types of texting jobs: text chat operator jobs and phone sex operator jobs.

The sex operators are known as webcam hosts, while the text operators are called phone chat operators.

You shall basically make money online chatting on this app through messaging guys who are looking for sexy women to flirt or sext with.

One advantage of this site is that it is very popular since it’s used by both men and women to apply for sexting for money online opportunities.

Another advantage is that this company offers work-from-home job opportunities where you work on flexible work schedules from any remote location.

You can also sell several items on this site to make extra cash. For example, you can sell;

VISIT: https://www.chatrecruit.com/


#14 Rent A Friend

This is a site where you get clients willing to pay strangers to offer them some companionship and friendship.

Another site similar to this one where you get paid to be an online friend is Rent A Local friend which is very popular with many clients.

If you are a single woman looking for love, you can find your soulmate on this site even while you get paid to chat online with men.

VISIT: https://rentafriend.com/


#15 Premium.Chat

On this site, you get highly paid Work from home texting jobS.

In other words, you shall earn money by receiving text messages, processing them then answering them back to provide feedback to the sender.

If you would wish to become a consultant on a given topic, this is the site where you can register for such a job.

Your fans, clients, and followers will pay you to answer their questions.

For example, when a client hires you for a personal coaching session, the least they can pay is $3.49 per minute which means this is a well-paid online job.

VISIT: https://premium.chat/


#16 Phrendly

Do you enjoy meeting new people or chatting with strangers? If you do this is the site where you can get paid to talk to people.

You can choose to do it for fun as a way of making new virtual friends, or you can choose to text for money where you only chat with people willing to pay you for doing that.

The name is just created from the word friends by replacing the first two letters to make it phrends. That means it’s a site where you mostly get paid to be an online friend to people looking for companionship and love.

VISIT: https://www.phrendly.com/


#17 What’s Your Price

If you are a single person looking for love or an opportunity to win cash, What’s Your Price is an online dating community that can help you achieve that.

You shall get paid to go on dates in the form of monetary compensation for the time you shall spend on the date with the man in question.

This is a platform with three main advantages;

  • It is a safe site
  • You get to meet new people and build meaningful social networks or connections.
  • You will have fun and be paid at the same time.


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8 Types Of  Websites Where Men Give You Money

#1 Rich Men Who Give Money Away

Did you know you can ask rich people for money online?

It is possible to contact billionaires giving away money.

One way to do so is you can decide to email millionaires for money.

Also, you can join charitable organizations with philanthropists who give individuals money.

Alternatively, you can also go to crowdsourcing platforms like GoFundMe, then use search phrases like, “any rich man help me” or “I need financial help from a millionaire” to get help.


#2 Online Only Relationships for Money

The best place to find online only relationships for money is on these best-paid dating sites.

Most of us prefer to use free dating sites.

However, if you are looking for men to give away money, you need to consider using paid dating sites instead.


#3 Get Paid To Answer Messages Sugar Daddy

Society does not support sugaring and escort kinds of jobs.

Those who do it are viewed as people with low morals.

Did you there are online only sugar baby jobs? Here you get online sugar daddies and no meeting is required.

Want to know how to get a sugar daddy that only wants to talk?

The good news is that there are sugar daddy apps that send money without a meeting, which you can find in this post about how to become a sugar baby online.


#3 Get Paid To Talk To Lonely Guys

Did you know that there are websites where you get paid to talk to lonely people?

Lonely people need someone to talk to when they are bored.

Extroverted or fanatical people who are lonely will always need someone to talk to.

People under some form of exclusion like those in rehabilitation centers, nursing home,s or prisons need people to talk to as a form of therapy.

Therefore, most of these groups are willing to pay to have an online girlfriend or other companions from other gender inclinations.

If you don’t get such direct clients, you can get paid to talk to lonely guys on Phrendly and Lip Service among other sites.


#4 Get Paid To Text Flirt

There are two types of websites in this category.

One is the get paid to be an online friend job offered by mainstream get paid to text chat apps where you earn money by sending or receiving non-sexual or moderately sexual messages.

In these you can make money by sending, receiving, or reading text messages. TexKings and Text121Chat place you can get started.

Two is the get paid to talk to lonely men or women job offered in getting paid to sext apps or sites operated by phone sexting companies or Phone sex operator companies.


#5 Money Making Chat Rooms

Can you make money chatting online?

Yes, you can as long as you use the right chat and earn money app.

There are so many money-making chat rooms offered on sites like Chat Recruit, and Premium.

On these sites, you get paid to chat with strangers.

If you are not looking for something erotic or sensual, you can check out these text chat operator jobs from home.

On such sites, you get paid to chat by offering email support and customer service help.


#6 Classic Ad Style

On classic ad sites like Craigslist, you can get paid by men looking for pictures of models to use on their ad campaigns.

Read this post on how to get paid for your body pictures to learn how to reap maximum benefits from this opportunity.


#7 Auction

You can even go on auction websites and then create a professional profile.

The men who place high bids on your profile will pay you to deliver one of the services above for them.

Have you ever heard of penny auctioning? It is another way to make extra cash on auction sites.


#8 Others

Professional Expert Sites: Men can pay you to answer their questions that require expert knowledge on sites like JustAnswer.com.

Webcam Model Sites: This is for people who want to make money on webcams by performing live video shows on cam sites.

Get Paid To Type: There are so many typing jobs where men can give you money after filling forms, transcribing, and entering data among other tasks done by a typist.


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 Tips To Follow On Websites Where Men Give You Money

Observe Etiquette

Etiquette is a must-have skill if you want your clients to consider you polite, kind, humble, and considerate.

Those qualities will make people feel at ease and comfortable when relating with you.

This in turn will give you access to their vulnerability and eventually money.

No person can resist the honor that comes with being respected, appreciated, and valued.

Therefore, learn the art of maintaining polite behavior and good manners protocol to gain access to your client’s hearts and pockets.


Avoid Being Personal

Working online has many discouragements like;

Since opportunities are limited, and there is high competition, you will experience rejection a lot. Keep moving to the next opportunity when that happens.

There are many scammers in all industries. Sometimes you might fall victim to these, especially if you don’t equip yourself with the skills of avoiding them.

At some point, you might become a victim of cyberbullying where people comment bad things, spread rumors, and do all kinds of things.

In all these scenarios, guard your heart and peace of mind by resisting the urge to taking everything personally or fighting back.

Always remember, anybody who is winning at something will always have enemies trying to slow them down or pull you down.


Maintain Clarity & Specificity

Clearly make known your expectations and boundaries.

More specifically, be as straight forwards as possible with your services, pricing, and any other important information.

Avoid being vague or beating around the bush because this will confuse your clientele.

The problem of not being clear and specific is that it will make you attract the wrong clients who will either waste your time or underpay you.


Master Patience

As you choose to enter the online space, you must remember that the highly publicized “get rich quick” and “overnight success” Ponzi schemes are all lies.

Any legit online business will take time to grow to its maximum potential.

Therefore, you must come to this space committed to remaining consistent, and persistent even when the results are small or non-existent.

You must carry a “FAT” attitude where you remain faithful, available, and teachable even when dynamic changes and new developments occur.

Build the tenacity of a rubber band where you can be able to stretch or relax depending on what the situation calls for.

Patience will also take you a long way when it comes to dealing with clients.

You must avoid being too pushy, demanding, or upsetting when asking for money from a guy.


Know That Appearance is the Magnet

There is a great saying that states that, “words are for women and looks for men”.

There is no arguing with that observation because men are always attracted by what they seem.

For that reason, you must heavily invest in your appearance by committing to make it stand out in a crowd.

The competition is stiff, but the highly attractive women who stand out in a crowd will always get more men’s attention.


Be Prepared

One way to prepare is by knowing what to say or do depending on the situation at hand.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can drive potential clients away.

Thus, having a mind map or template on how to handle different clients or situations will keep you from sounding needy and desperate.

Another way to be prepared is by clearly understanding your reasons and goals for doing this kind of job.

The end goal will dictate the type of clients you target and the amount of effort you invest.


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Is It Worth Visiting Websites Where Men Give You Money?


Yes, it is worth visiting and even using these websites where men give you money because;

Work from anywhere, anytime

One, this is a flexible opportunity where you get to work from anywhere anytime even in the comfort of your home.

In other words, this is one of the best stay-at-home jobs for beginners and experts.


There is an opportunity for everyone

Two, there are too many choices available, which means there is an opportunity for everyone.

If you are not comfortable doing video chats and live shows, you can stick to the sites where you get paid to text and chat only, but avoid dating and sexting sites.

Additionally, if you are someone who does not like getting involved in erotic or sensual activities, you can stick to using sites where you get paid to be a general online friend or companion and avoid those where you have to act like an online girlfriend.


You are getting paid

Three, you are reading this post because you want to make extra money.

These are websites where men will pay you to text, chat, flirt, sext, and be online friends.

Check out my top 10 recommended ways to make money online in 2022 and beyond.


It’s free

Almost all the websites discussed in this post are zero investment opportunities where you can get started without paying any registration fees.


Ability to make Passive income

After you get noticed and become popular, you can create digital products like courses or online stores that will generate passive income.

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How Much Can You Earn by Visiting Websites Where Men Give You Money?


The amount you make on these websites where men give you money will depend on the factors below;

The Website

Some websites will pay more than others depending on the economic status of their clientele.


Your Looks

This is a job basically dependent on your looks. Women with more appealing looks and body shapes will attract more men than others.



If you invest one hour towards this, you will make less than someone else who will invest more than 5 hours daily into this side job.


The Client

Some men have more money than others. The wealthier ones will definitely pay more than those at an average economic status.


Your level

You might be at the beginner, intermediate or expert level.

Definitely, you don’t expect an expert who has mastered the landscape of such a job to make less than a newbie who is just starting out.


The Nature of the task

Someone who will just engage in normal texting will make less than another who gives extra services like sensual chatting and video live shows.


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 How To Identify Fake Websites Where Men Give You Money?

Unfortunately, there are so many make-money-online scams that will either waste your time or steal money from you.

Analyze the Website

 Make sure the website has a valid domain name, secure socket layer (SSL), reputable host, and so on. You can use the Whois data tool to know all those details.

Look for spelling and other forms of errors in the website that reduce its credibility and authority.

Make sure they provide all the important information like contacts, mission statements, about, and the owner details on the website.

You should be able to trust the business from the professionalism brought out by their official website.


Do Some Research

Go to review sites like TrustPilot or Better Business Bureau (BBB) and read reviews where previous users share their experiences with the site.

Forums like Quora or Reddit are also other places where you can find out how people feel about the site in question.

Social media platforms are also another place you can determine the credibility of the website in question.


Use an up-to-date Antivirus

Before using any website, make sure you run a virus scan to make sure it’s secure.

Make sure you use the right antivirus program which covers you from all malicious attacks both from online and offline sources.


Be Careful with Your Personal Information

Any website that asks for too much of your personal information like phone number, card number, and address, you should be careful about it.

You only provide such information to websites that have proven their credibility.


Avoid Sugar-Coated Deals

There is nothing like getting rich quickly in the online world.

Anything that seems too good to be true is probably a lie or a fake marketing strategy.

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Wrapping It Up

 We have finally come to the end of this website on how to get guys online to send you money online.

We have established that there are so many websites where men give you money for flirting, sexting, chatting, texting, and talking to lonely men.

Some are websites with rich men who give money away during fundraising, philanthropy, and charitable campaigns. Here you get to ask for money online from billionaires and millionaire who love to help those in need.

Others are websites that support online only relationships for money, where you get paid to talk to lonely guys on money making chat rooms.

Alternatively, you can check out these other websites that pays you instantly, daily, for surveys, for pictures, to write, to watch, and to give free money.

In other words, there is an opportunity for everyone even those who don’t want to engage in any sexual or erotic activities.

Tell me in the comment section which website you plan to try out.





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