Jobs For 11 Year Olds To Make Money In 2023


Knowing the jobs for 11 years olds is an advantage for any parent because it is a way to keep kids engaged.

These jobs make children self-reliant and teach them how to be responsible.

Starting to work at an early age encourages children to learn the art of survival.

Their creativity improves tremendously, and they become more focused on life.

Therefore, it is advisable to help your kid look for jobs for 11 years olds within the estate to help them become responsible and maturely developed.

As a parent, you must ensure the job suits your child because they must attend school and complete their homework.

Monitoring the kids’ activities is also vital in developing proper behavior.


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Easy Kids Online  Jobs For 11 Year Olds

Freelance Writing

Writing is not a job reserved for grownups only. Children also have a chance to excel in writing. Most of the jobs offered in this niche are simple.

Writing makes kids creative because there are many types, such as academic research,  copywriting, blogging, and many other ways of getting paid to write.


Where To Find Freelance Writing Jobs

Some websites that post jobs kids can do include Flexjobs, Upwork, Fiverr, and Craigslist, among others.

Finding a job on freelance websites is difficult for 11 year olds. It is advisable to ask for parental help when registering on those websites.


How Much Can Make as A freelancer Writer?

Freelance writing for 11 year olds pays from $500 to $2500 per month depending on the number of assigned jobs.

To make more money, a kid has to have good typing speed. Additionally, having excellent English language skills is essential to deliver content that will impress the employer.


Video Game Tester

Kids love video games. This makes them ideal candidates for testing games.

Rather than kids spending the whole day playing games on their tablets or smartphones, parents can create accounts for them on game-testing websites.


Game Tester Education Requirements

Game testers need to know how to pay for games. Additionally, A game tester should be a quick learner to understand how the websites work.


How Much are Games Testers Paid?

Games testers can earn from $8 to $14 per hour, depending on the website rates.

Some websites pay higher depending skills and level of comprehension of the tester.

The trick to earning more money is learning coding and game optimization to make identifying errors easier.


Video Game Player

Video game players can make a living from playing games online. Although most video games are reserved for youths, skilled 11 year olds can also play.


Skills in Video Games

Video gamers need good hand and eye coordination, quick reflexes, and the ability to make quick decisions.

Additionally, a video gamer needs to have good concentration skills and endurance. Playing games may take long hours, and that is extremely tiring.


Can You Get Paid For Playing Video Games?

The easiest way to earn from video games is through streaming. Video games make money from ad revenue, subscription sponsorships, and reward coins.

A game can make $1000 per week and above.

According to Ziprecruiter, experienced gamers make $56,155 per year. This is above the average income made by most employed workers.


Voiceover Specialist

There are gifted kids with fantastic voices. Once a parent realizes their kid has a great voice, it is good to consider helping them do voiceover jobs.

Voiceover specialists earn good money. An 11 year old can participate in the making of cartoons. If their voice is good enough, animators can use them to create a voice for the cartoon.


How Much Does a Voiceover Specialist Earn?

The amount of money that a voiceover specialist differs depending on the task. Some specialists make over $500 per recording.

The recording length is also a factor when determining the amount of pay. A specialist can get paid about $1000 per 30 minutes recording.


Where to Find Voiceover Jobs

Voiceover recording jobs for 11 year olds can be found online and offline. Some recording studios advertise such jobs within their street.

Additionally, some websites list voiceover jobs for job seekers to apply. 11 year olds can find such jobs on Fiverr, Upwork, Indeed, and Glassdoors, among other freelance sites and job boards.



Many 11 year olds love drawing. If well-managed, drawing can become a well-paying job for 11 year olds.

As a parent, it is vital to know your kid’s skills early. Supporting them by buying drawing materials will eventually make them expert drawing artists.


How much does a drawing artist make?

Expert drawing artists earn more than $2000 per month. An 11 year old may not earn the same amount but is guaranteed over $50 and above per drawing.

This is one of the jobs for 11 year olds which parents should encourage their kids to try.


Survey Taker

Survey jobs are for everybody. This is one of the jobs for 11 year olds which is easy. Kids need basic skills and little guidance to complete a survey.

Any parent intending to teach their online jobs should start with surveys.


Which Are The Most Paying Survey Jobs Online?

Many websites provide survey jobs. The websites have great jobs for 11 year olds.

Some survey sites pay more than others. Discover the survey apps that pay the most in that blog post.

Here are the best three survey sites I recommend: Survey Junkie, Swagbucks & InboxDollars


How Much do Surveys Pay You?

Survey websites have reasonable compensation, which can serve 11 year olds best.

Some websites pay between $0.2 – $5 per survey.

Some websites pay higher for advanced surveys, which require technical answers and pay up to $20 per every completed task.



Is your kid confident enough in front of a camera? If so, then an advertising job is ideal for them to make extra income.

Many fashion businesses need models who represent a particular group of customers. Children models appeal more to fellow children. Parents can approach such stores and cut a deal for their kids.


How much does Advertising jobs for kids pay?

Kids can earn up to $10k depending on the fashion store that employs them. Fashion is a well-paying industry and offers good jobs for 11 year olds.


Where to find Advertising Jobs

The best place to find a business that needs kids for advertising is social media and job sites such as Indeed.

Kids can seek the help of their parents to create TikTok, Onlyfans, and Instagram accounts to showcase their skills.


Music Reviewer

An 11 year old already knows a lot about music. They can also make money by writing reviews and posting them on a blog because they have enough latest music.

Review blogs make much money. Kids who love music can make money by posting a review of their best songs.

The music industry has billions of fans, making it ideal for 11 year olds to make money.


Skills Need to write reviews

A reviewer needs to have literature skills to understand how to offer constructive and intuitive analysis.


How much does a Reviewer Earn?

A review can earn $1000 and more per month. In fact, most reviewers make a four-figure income depending on the type of content they create.



Online research websites are an excellent place for 11 year olds to find jobs. One of such site includes Kidz Eyes.

The website provides excellent jobs for 11 year olds. Once a researcher posts work on the website, kids who can provide feedback can participate and earn points.


How To Make Money as a Researcher

A participant can redeem the points once they accumulate 1000 points. The payment is made through a check or any other gateway.



Sign up with Survey Junkie to do quick surveys paying more than $50 daily. Read more about this here.

Alternatively, you can even use Swagbucks to get paid to do regular everyday tasks like watching videos and searching the web! Read more about this here.

Take an unsecured loan on Zippy Loan even with a bad credit record, then start an online or offline business with it. Read more about this here.

Take pictures of yourself or other subjects, then sell then at $10 or more per pic on Shutterstock. Read more about this here.

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Good Winter Jobs For 11 Year Olds

Hot Cocoa Stand

A hot cocoa stand is an ideal job for 11 year olds. As a result, a parent can set up the stand for them and serve as the manager.

Cocoa sells best during the cold season. People like taking something hot to keep their bodies warm.


What you need to set up a hot Cocoa Stand

First, get the stand which can be purchased from a furniture store.

Secondly, find the cocoa or chocolate-making ingredients.

Buy cups, a stirring stick, and a jar.

Lastly, register the business.


How much you can earn from Operating a hot cocoa stand?

A hot cocoa stand can serve a wide range of drinks. Due to the season, such a business is established, there is a possibility of making about $1000 per day.

One of the best-selling candy brands is Reese’s Peanut butter cups. To make high sales, it is vital to stock products that people love most.


Selling Candy

Selling candy is one of the jobs for 11 year olds which pays well. The first step is to establish a candy shop.

This may cost about $1000. Since an 11 year old may not manage such expenses, parental help is required to set up the business.


How to price candy

The prices of candy vary depending on the prices of ingredients. In most cases, the price ranges from $1 to $20.


How to Start candy Business at Home

Starting a candy business is easy. First, it is recommended to learn the skills of making candy.

The next step is identifying a strategic place to set up the business.

Thirdly, create a thrilling slogan that will attract customers.


Shoveling Snow

When it is wintertime, kids tend to enjoy playing with snow.

Rather than allowing them to spend time in the cold without benefit, finding snow shoving job for them would be great.


Where to Find Snow Shoveling jobs

Kids can find snow-showing jobs within their locality. A kid who is 11 years is still young. Parental help in searching for such jobs is necessary.


How much 11 year olds Earn from Snow shoveling Jobs

Kids can earn up to $20 per task shoveling snow. In some circumstances, teenagers can earn $10/hour.

This indicates that snow shoveling is a great winter job for kids. As a kid, it is excellent to know how to ask to shovel snow for money.


Car Snow Remover

A kid has to have the right cold weather dress code to work as a car snow remover. The job is demanding and may not be the best for 11 year old teenager.

Parental supervision is required to ensure the kid is safe.


How Much Can You Make as a Car Snow Remover?

A car snow remover can earn about $50 per task and above.



Soup Vendor

During winter, people look for something to keep themselves warm. This makes a soup vendor business lucrative.

A soup vending business is easy to operate, and an 11 year old can operate effectively.


How to Package soup for Sale

Soup can be packaged in stand-up bags or plastic cups. This makes it easier to heat when necessary.


How much does a soup seller make?

Soup sellers can make $5 per soup bag or cup. The number of units sold per day determines total earnings. In a good month, a soup vendor can make $2000.


How to Start a Soup Business

A soup business can be started along the street or near the house. For an 11 year old to operate a soup business, they need parental support.

Cooking the soup and packaging can be risky. To avoid getting banned, it is good to involve an adult to help in cooking and packaging.


Summer Jobs For 11 Year Olds That Pay

Lemonade Stand Owner

Lemonade selling business is a lucrative venture for an 11 year old. A lemonade stand can be set along the street, at the park, or outside the house.


Equipment for Start a Lemonade Business

To set up a lemonade stand, one needs a table, the shade, a freezer, cups, and fresh squeezed lemonade.


How does lemonade make money?

A Lemonade stand owner makes money through innovative pricing of every cup sold.

The price of lemonade starts from $2 per cup. It is possible to make $100 per day if the stand is set at a place with many customers.


Garage Cleaner

Working as a garage cleaner is an exciting job, especially for boys. They love interacting with machines, and they enjoy doing such jobs.


How much does a garage cleaner earn?

Garage cleaners earn $10/hour. In some circumstances, they are paid per task. Kids who do garage cleaning jobs can reach their neighbors to apply for the job.


Holiday Decorator

Working as a decorator is an exciting endeavor. 11 year old kids can make money helping their neighbors to decorate their homes as they prepare for the holiday.


Where to Find holiday Decorator Job

As a 11 year old, the best place to find a holiday decorator job is within your locality. Approaching your neighbor can also be an easy way to find decorator jobs for 11 year olds.


How much does a Decorator earn?

Decorators earn $10/hour and above. In calculating the cost, the amount of work also comes into play. It is advisable to demand fair pay to avoid exploitation.


Pool Cleaner

Pool cleaning is a job preserved for grownups. An 11 year old who is confident enough to do this job can earn a good income.


Equipment needed for pool cleaning business

Parent can support their kid by buying the equipment needed to clean.

Some items needed include a net, vacuum head, pool filter, and a brush to scrub the pool walls.


How much does a Pool Cleaner Earn?

Pool cleaners in the United States earn $12 per hour and above. Pool cleaning business is lucrative, and parents can support their children who are interested in such jobs.


Fence Painting

Fence painting is an excellent job for 11 year olds. With good supervision, teenagers can do a great painting job.

Kids can find painting jobs from their neighbors or look for advertisements within their estate.


How much should I charge to paint a fence

The interesting part is that fence painting jobs pay well, and an 11 year old will earn $1,000 to paint per 1,000 sq. ft and above.



YouTube is like a new fashion when it comes to making money. Any creative person with editing skills can earn a good income from YouTube.

YouTube has become an exciting job for 11 year olds. With a parent’s support, a kid can become a successful YouTube content creator.


How much do YouTube content Creators get paid?

YouTube content creators earn $0.5 and above per 1000 views depending on their geographic location.

Creating content that targets an audience in North America or Europe would guarantee higher income.


How to become a YouTuber as a kid

A YouTuber needs a camera, a stand, and a computer/laptop for editing.

Additionally, one needs to select a topic that excites the most. Sustainable content creation depends on doing something you love. Therefore, this is an essential aspect for a person who want to succeed as a YouTuber.



With a good camera or a smartphone, 11 year olds can make money selling quality photos.

People are looking for pictures to use for different purposes online, and selling photos can be one of the most exciting jobs for 11 year olds.

Some photos people look to buy online include street, nature, buildings, and fashion-based photos.


How much does a photographer earn?

Photographers can earn $10 per photo depending on the marketplace they do their listing.


Where to find buyers for Photographs

The websites on which photographers sell pictures include Shutterstock, adobe stock, pixabay, Craigslist, creative market, and Etsy.

Additionally, photographers can leverage their social media following to find customers for their pictures.


T-shirt Designer

T-shirt designing is an excellent job for 11 year olds. Some children have drawing skills that they can utilize to create designs for t-shirts.


Equipment for T-shirt designers

Parents can support their children by buying them a printer and plain t-shirts.

The printing can be done in the house, which makes the business easy to operate for an 11 year old.

For creating the SVG file or design to print on the T-shirt, you can use a tool like Canva.

After your design is ready, you can sell it on online marketplaces like Etsy, Amazon, or Printify among others.


How much can a t-shirt designer earn?

Many people like wearing T-shirts, and adding nice artistic designs would attract customers easily.

T-shirt designers can earn $10 and above per item sold.



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Jobs For 11 Year Olds Hiring Near Me

These Money locators will help you find a job hiring in your current location.

To find a job near you, simply go to Google and then search the title of the job with the phrase ‘near me’.

For example, if you are looking for a delivery job, you are going to search ‘delivery jobs near me.’


Dog Walking

Kids love dogs, and as a parent, it is prudent to find a dog walking job for your kid.


How to get a job dog walking?

The best place to get a dog walking job as an 11-year-old is from your neighbor. Additionally, people who need a dog walker place posters along the street. Giving them a call can be an ideal way to get the job.


How much should a dog walker get paid?

Dog walking job pays $10/hour and above. It is advisable to negotiate fair pay, especially when the employer is a neighbor.


Office Assistant

Training kids early to become great managers in the future is an exciting activity. Some parents can hire their 11 year olds to serve as office assistants.

Although they cannot work full-time, they can learn a lot within the few hours they get a chance.


How much does an Office Assistant Earn?

Office assistants can earn more than $15/hour. As an 11 year old, earning an equal amount may not be possible, but some employers pay pretty.

In the online world, a virtual assistant performs jobs similar to an office assistant.



A landscaping job pays well. Taking a few hours to weed your neighbors’ compound can be a great way to make extra income for 11 year olds. Although adults mostly do landscaping, 11 years olds can also do the job.


How does a Landscaper Earn?

Landscapers earn more than $10/hour. As an 11 year old, you may not earn the same as an adult, but the pay is good.


Best Landscaping Equipment

Landscaper need a shovel, rake, pruners, and other gardening machines. Parent can support their 11 year old by buying this equipment to help them to start a landscaping business.



An 11 year old can do a great job as a babysitter. Kids bond well, creating a suitable environment for a small child to develop positive behavior.

Additionally, having an 11 year old as a babysitter helps a child to learn how to speak faster.


How much does a babysitter earn?

A babysitter earns $17/hour and above in the United States. This means this is an excellent job for an 11 year old.


Where to find babysitting jobs

Some employers post jobs on job websites seeking babysitters. Additionally, an 11 year old can find babysitting jobs from their neighbor.


Gift Wrapper

Gift Wrapping is a great job for 11 year olds. The tasks are easy, and parents can watch over their kids as they do the job.

Gift wrapping jobs mainly occur during festive seasons or during parties. Parent can support their kids by finding such events.


How much does a gift Wrapper Earn?

A gift wrapper can earn $2 per gift. In order to make more money, you need to be highly effective in wrapping up as many gifts as possible. Some gift wrappers more than $30k per year.


Plant Sitter

During vacations, kids tend to have too much free time. Rather than letting your kid stay free, it is good to advise them to try a plant-sitting job.


Where to find Plant Sitting Job

If your neighbor is a lover of plants and busy most of the time, that is an opportunity to get a plant-sitting job.


How much does a plant sitter earn?

Plant sitters can earn $5 per hour and above, depending on the amount of work involved.

If there are many plants to take care of, there is a chance to earn more.


Pet Grooming

Kids, especially girls, love pets. Rather than keep them in the house and play video games, they can go to their neighborhood and do pet grooming jobs.


How much does Pet grooming job pay?

Pet grooming jobs pay $10/hour and above. This is because most people contract pet grooming services for some hours.

An 11 year old would find this job ideal because they can also play with the pets.


Car Washing

Although car washing jobs are reserved for adults who work at the garage, 11 year olds can do them. 

Apart from car washing, there are many ways to make money with a car such as wrapping it with ads or delivering packages with it among others.


Where to find Car Washing Jobs

The best place to find car washing jobs is in the neighborhood. Parents who want to train their kids to be responsible can also pay them to wash their vehicles.


How much does a car wash make a day?

A car washing agent makes $50 – $200 per vehicle. This means, in a good week, an agent can make $2000.


What is needed to do cash washing business

To start a car washing business, one needs a pressure pump machine, brushes, and liquid soap.



Kids can become expert bakers if they are trained well. As a result, if a parent realizes their kid loves baking, it is vital to consider teaching them.

An 11 year old can bake essential snacks like cooks or cupcakes and sell them.

A baking business is highly profitable because people will never stop eating.


What Factors Are to Be Consider Before Employing an 11 Year Old?

According to the US Department of Labor,  under the Federal Labor Standards Act (FLSA), minors can work for a particular set time and mostly under supervision.

Additionally, an 11 year old should be within their locality to make it possible for their parents to guarantee safety.

Lastly, not all jobs are ideal for 11 years olds, and thus, a guardian has to ensure safety measures are taken into consideration before employing children.


Wrapping It Up

Jobs for 11 year olds are not meant to provide financial impendence to kids but serve as a way to teach them how to be responsible.

Kids who start working at a learning age learn to plan themselves. If they go to college, they can do things like washing quickly because of the skills they learned.

Lastly, the money 11 year olds earn is a motivator to help them appreciate their capability.

Other Age-appropriate Jobs:




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