15 of the Best Sources for Fresh Blog Post Ideas

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Are you struggling to come up with new blog post ideas consistently?

Remember that a blogger is like a journalist-both must tell timely stories to remain relevant.

However, coming up with fresh blog post ideas is not easy, since your creativity may not help all the time.

Do you know that more than 1.2 million blog posts are published daily? In such a sea of competition, you cannot ignore the importance of remaining relevant by writing content on fresh blog post ideas.

Therefore, you need inspiration from these 15 external sources to make sure that you are always identifying new blog post ideas on a daily basis.




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15 of the best sources for fresh blog post ideas


1. Quora


Quora is a question and answer forum where you can get an unlimited number of blog post ideas.

There are several methods you can use to find new blog posts ideas from Quora, such as through search, notifications, other peoples answers, feeds and posting a question among others.

For example, let me use the search method to show you how you can identify trending questions and transform them into blog posts ideas using the process below;

  • Enter a query/phrase/keyword in the search box, for example, let us use “make money ”
  • Filter the results
  • Consider a number of answers on each question
  • Choose the best alternative

Don’t forget that: You must keep checking Quora’s feed on a daily basis to get the most out of this strategy.

Note: Apart from using Quora to find blog posts ideas, it can be used for other marketing purposes, such as driving traffic to your online business.



2. Buzzsumo


Buzzsumo is a powerful marketing tool that can help you identify fresh blog post ideas in the following ways.

a) Borrow blog post ideas from most shared content.

You can visit those most shared blog posts to analyze them, then write better content feeling all the gaps left by that specific bloggers.

In other words, transform those most shared blog post ideas into content which is 10Xs better.


b) Discover possible blog post ideas from trending topics.

These are new blog posts ideas, which are raising and gaining popularity with the audience.

This means that if you write better content on those ideas, it is likely to get more shares and engagement because it is timely information.



3. Reddit


Reddit is an online community divided into niche-specific subreddits.

For example, r/socialmedia, r/growthhacking, r/marketing and r/productivity are some of the best subreddits for bloggers.

There are several ways you can come up with fresh blog posts ideas on Reddit, such as the following;

  • Look for questions which capture your attention.
  • Create new blog post ideas from questions with high upvotes.
  • Look for new ideas from the “new” and “rising” categories.

Do not forget that: The more you stay active and engage in those subreddits the more you will get out of this strategy.

Note: Reddit is a robust community, which you can use for many other purposes apart from gathering blog post ideas.



4. Facebook groups


Most niche specific Facebook groups have high member engagement, and you can use this as a source of fresh blog posts ideas in the following ways;

  • Find blog post ideas from questions posted on the group
  • Monitor comments on specific issues to understand what audience interested in it struggle with most.

For example, I am a member of becoming a blogger group, and there are many questions bloggers ask, which sometimes I write blog posts on and share my experience.



5. Twitter


There are many ways you can use Twitter to gather blog post ideas, such as the ones here below;

a) Twitter search and hashtags

If you are not logged in, visit this link Twitter search and enter any topic on the search box, such as “search engine optimization” to find the top and latest tweets.

Monitor the tweets that grab your attention to create new blog post ideas from them.

b) Twitter lists

Twitter lists are a great way to curate content from influencers or a specific topic.

Once you create a Twitter list and add members to it, you can access all the tweets they posted by clicking on the name of the list.

This is a fantastic feature because you can monitor all new content in your niche in your own free time even if you missed it on the twitter home feed.

As you scroll down the Twitter list feed, you will not lack two or more blog post ideas, which will grab your attention.

Note: You can also join public Twitter lists created by other people.




6. Pinterest


Yes, Pinterest is both a social media platform and also a search engine you can use in your online business for many ways, such as driving traffic and gathering blog post ideas.

Below are three ways you can use to gather ideas from Pinterest and other related partners.

  • Home feed
  • Explore pins by topic
  • Get new blog posts ideas from Pinterest notifications
  • Use Pinterest guided search to find pins, boards and people who can be a source of inspiration for new blog post ideas.



7. Udemy


There are several ways you can use Udemy to find fresh blog post ideas like the two below;

a) Udemy categories

Udemy has grouped categories which you can keep expanding until you get a clear blog idea.

For example, in the business category you can choose home business > online business> blogging> WordPress.

These clear and logical order of the categories can help you to discover new blog post ideas in between some of the groups.


b) Udemy courses : This platform has millions of courses, which you can use to measure the viability of certain blog post ideas. For example, courses with a high number of positive reviews and students enrollment is an indication that those are possible blog post ideas.






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8. Google Search


Google has the largest market share of 90% in the search engine industry. And, more than 2 billion Google searches are carried out daily by internet users-you and me!

This means that most of us use Google on a daily basis, but did you know it can help you to come up with blog post ideas in the followings ways?

a) Google autocomplete

As you type your search query or keyword of Google’s search box, you will get other autocomplete suggestions. All those suggestions are possible blog posts ideas, all you have to do is identify the new ones you did not know about and do further research on them later.


b) Google related searches

When you scroll down at the end of the search engine results page (SERP), you will find Google related searches. These are queries which are viable blog posts ideas, especially those that are new to you from the list.


c) Google results

Most of us only check results on the first SERP, but in most cases, those topics are those we all know about. Why not try to take a tour through other pages in SERP to discover new blog post ideas/topics, which have not been ranked on page one.





Help a reporter out (HARO) is a database where journalists/bloggers posts questions, topics, and ideas to crowdsource responses.

So what happens is that after you sign up at HARO, you will receive questions three times daily to your email inbox.

All those are possible blog post ideas, and all you have to do is sort the ones that interest you or capture your attention.

Note: HARO can also be used for link building because when you become a contributor, you earn a backlink from the original reporter.



10. Your competitors


By competitors, I mean other bloggers in the same niche or those targeting the same audience as you.

There are many ways you can borrow blog post ideas from your competitors, such as the four below which I use.

a) Google Alerts

Enter a keyword or source URL in Google alerts, and every time a new blog post or any piece of information is published, you shall receive alerts in your email daily.


b) Feedly

Feedly is a platform where you can monitor content from all over the world.

Therefore, you can use this tool to track new posts from your competitors and borrow from them or write better posts on the same topic.

The good this is that Feedly has a Chrome extension you can use from anywhere on the web.


c) Smarterque

Smarterque is not only a social media scheduling tool but also offers a robust content curation platform and gathering blog post ideas.


d) Social media and blogs

Follow them on social media, join their communities and monitor their conversation on social media.

Also, subscribe to their newsletters and also regularly check out their blogs to discover any new blog post ideas you can borrow from your competitors.



11. Keyword research


Every blogger do keyword research-both with free or paid tools.

There is no better way of finding fresh blog posts ideas than discovering new keywords in your niche, which you have never written on before.

The more new keywords you find, the fresher blog post ideas you will discover.

If you know nothing about keyword research visit the guides below;




12. Resource Pages


These are ultimate curated lists of blog posts on “best of,” “roundup posts” and other types of resources, which gather similar information.

To find some of those from Google, you can use a combination of the search phrases below;

“Keyword” + inurl:links
“Keyword” + “helpful resources.”
“Keyword” + “useful resources.”
“Keyword” + “useful links.”

“Keyword” + “roundups.”
“Keyword” + “useful roundup.”

“Keyword” + “best of resources.”



13. AllTop


AllTop is a news aggregation site, which you can use to gather new blog posts on any topic.

The site collects new information from all over the internet meaning that you can use this platform to never miss any new update on your niche and target topics.



14. Tailwind Tribes


Tailwind tribes are places you can find great.

Tailwind gives the number of shares on a post, which makes it easy to find trending topics.

All you have to do is find content that is most shared and create better blog posts ideas from those inspirations.



15. Your own experience and audience


Nothing will ever beat your creativity- your brain can brainstorm the best blog posts ideas.

The problem with most bloggers is that we multitask a lot such that we rarely get uninterrupted time to meditate and brainstorm.

From my experience, I found out that starting my day very early in the morning at around 4 am always helps me to come up with new blog post ideas.

Also, your loyal audience and fans will always be there to give their feedback when you need them all you have to do is engage with them.

For example, send them questions via email, reply to their comments on social media and blog posts and also create polls or surveys to gather feedback from them.

Suggested reading: 15 ways to build an engaged audience in your blog.




Sources Of Blog Post Ideas Conlusion


Over to you! What method do you use to generate new blog post ideas consistent.

There is no perfect or superior strategy for generating new blog posts ideas-all you have to do use the one that is convenient for you.

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Feel free to leave a comment below asking a question, or even better provide a suggestion of a post you would like me to write about.  


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