15 Of The Best Divi Theme Resources You Should Be Reading

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Are you a WordPres blogger, which theme do you use?

I use the Divi theme from Elegant themes.

This theme has an active support team in the background who actively release new updates regularly.

Divi is also a multipurpose theme meaning that you can create any website with it from scratch with zero coding experience.

For this reason, you need the right Divi resources and Divi blogs to find all the relevant information you need about Divi.

You will find all forms of tutorials in these 15 Divi resources, which makes them the best to go places when you need to learn more about the Divi theme.





Recommended Readings…..




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Why I Love The Divi Theme



Divi ships with the powerful drag and drop Divi builder. It supports front and back-end editing. See a live Demo of the Divi builder at work.

After buying Divi, you unlock access to all Elegant themes products, 87 themes, such as the powerful Extra for magazines and more than ten plugins, such as optin form plugin Bloom and social sharing plugin Monarch.

Divi comes with 180+ premade templates and layouts, which will save you the time of starting from scratch, especially if you’re a non-technical person.

The Divi Library helps me to save layouts for future use.

Divi has a wide range of tutorials all over on the internet, which means it’s easy to learn how to use Divi even if you are a complete beginner.

Divi is a favorite theme used by more than 600,000 customers worldwide.

Divi community both on social media and Divi blogs is vibrant and active. You can get any answers or help you need.

Divi is a multipurpose theme. I have used it to build this blog and other websites not even about blogging.

Divi is translated into more than 32 languages, which means you can build a website in any language with Divi.

Divi is responsive on all devices and screen sizes.

Divi has a wide range of customizations and supports the use of additional CSS, which explains why it is used both by the experts and amateurs.

Divi code is secure and tested, which means you have nothing to worry about the security.



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15 Of The Best Divi Theme Resources You Should Be Reading


1. Elegant Themes Blog

2. Divi Soup

3. Divi Academy

4. Divi Cake

5. Elegant Themes Marketplace Blog

6. Elegant Enthusiast

7. Divilicious

8. Yates Design

9. Divi Booster

10. Divi Magazine

11. Divi Lover

12. Divi Theme Examples

13. Divi Space

14. Quiroz

15. Aspen Grove Studios

16. Divi Web Design

17. Divi Notes

18. Need Yesterday

19. Scoop It

20. Cool Divi





Factors To Consider When Choosing a Theme


Purpose: Divi is a multipurpose theme meaning you can use it to create any website. However, it’s not always that way for all themes because some are designed to serve specific purposes. For example, some are made for blogs, others for e-commerce sites and others for corporate purposes.

Support: No product is made perfect. For this reason, you should choose a theme with the active support that actively corrects any bugs or makes updates to improve its functionality.

Customer Reviews: If there are more negative reviews about the theme than the positive ones from its customers, then that is a clear warning it is not good for you.

Look and Feel: Does the theme looking appealing and friendly both to you and your target audience?

Price: Of course you want to choose a theme within your budget range.

Responsiveness: The theme you choose should look good on all devices and screen sizes. For instance, it should be user-friendly on the desktop, mobile or tablet devices.

Compatibility: Will it be compatible with the plugins, browser and other resources you plan to use? If it is not, it will only limit you from accomplishing your goals fully.

Simplicity: Pick a theme which is easy for you both for you and your target audience. Also, it should have a simple design without too many colors or non-blending attributes.

Best practices: Does the theme follow all SEO and design guidelines provided by market standards for good themes? For example, a theme with too many bugs and poor SEO customization will eventually harm your rankings.

Brand image: Choose a theme which reflects your brand’s identifying factors, such as fonts, color, message, and purpose.



Recommended Readings…..



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