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A study conducted by BridhtEdge showed that most high ranking popular websites get 51% of their traffic from organic search, 10% paid search, 5% social and 34% other sources.

This means that you can get 51% traffic to your website from search engines if you do SEO right and this brings me to the importance of keyword research.

Optimizing your website and content for search and visibility in search engines means using the right keywords, which you must research with the right keyword research tools.

These five best free keyword research tools are just as useful as the paid options, such as Longtail Pro, KW Finder, SemRush, Jaaxy, Keyword Revealer among others.

Not every keyword is right for your website, and most SEO experts and marketers agree that long tail keywords bring more search traffic to new, small-scale and niche-specific sites.

Therefore, you need these five best free keyword research tools to find long tail keywords for your website.

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What are long tail keywords?


There are three types of keywords: Head/seed, Body/Middle, and long tail keywords.

1.     Length One-word generic terms 2-3 words phrases 3+ words search queries
2.     Search volume High Medium Low
3.     Competition High High to Medium Low
4.     CTR and conversion Low Low to Medium High
5.     Example “Business” “Online business.” “Online business ideas for beginners.”


Why long tail keywords are important

  • Low competition so you can easily rank on SERPs for these phrases.
  • They have high CTR, conversions, and open rates because they represent buyer’s intent and are more specific search phrases with a buying motive.
  • More sales because they are more descriptive and deliver targeted traffic and specific audiences to your website.
  • This is how people search the internet.
  • They give you a competitive advantage because big brands are trying to rank for short phrases (head and body keywords).



How to find long tail keywords with 5 best free keyword research tools



1. Google Search


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This best free keyword research tool has two features that you can use for long tail keywords research: Google autocomplete and Google related searches.

You can find the metrics (search volume, CPC, and competition) of these keywords by using several Google Chrome extensions, such as Keyword Everywhere.

Google autocomplete

A) Complete phrase: start typing a head or body keyword, and Google will give you predictions of possible keywords.

B) Fill blank: Use the underscore character “_” in between keywords and let Google give predictions which can fill the gap. This is one of the best free keyword research tools because you can change position to middle, end and even beginning.

C) Plural vs. singular: Try the experiment with plural and singular phrases to get new predictions for the same keyword. See example below or “online business” and “online businesses” for the difference in results.


Google related searches

These are the keyword suggestions found at the bottom of the SERP, and they serve the following purposes in long tail keyword research.

  • Show questions people ask about the initial keyword.
  • Help you to understand searchers intent by bringing to your attention other keywords related to your initial search phrase.
  • Use the results for future keyword research campaign because you identify new keywords with this feature.

Therefore, Google related searches is one of the best free keyword research tools because it provides insight into your ideal customer’s insight and increases chances of discovering new keywords.




2. Pinterest


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Apart from Google, Pinterest is another search engine you can use for long tail keyword research.

Before you enjoy the benefits of this best free keyword research tool, you must sign up for a personal or business account.

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A) Auto-fill search: Just like Google search, the Pinterest search will help through auto-fill function by giving you predictions as you type your keyword phrases.

B) Guided search: Add new possibility from the options to expand your initial keyword and find new options.

C) Promoted pins: As you create your goals in the promoted pins ad manager, you shall get suggestions for new keywords as shown in the image below.



3. Ask the public


Ask the Public is one of the best free keyword research tools because it gives you all the questions that people enter in search engines to find information.

Some of those questions are long tail keywords which can improve your ranking in search engines.

To get the highest advantage of this tool, you can use it together with the keyword everywhere Chrome extension which will enable you to save favorite keywords for later and give search metrics.

You can even download the CSV file for all the keywords with metrics to analyze them further comprehensively.




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4. KWFinder


Use the procedure below to find keywords with this best free keyword research tool.

Step one: Visit KWFinder website and enter your initial keyword.

Step two: Set a filter to only display keywords with 4+ words as shown in the images below.

Features that make KWFinder the best free keyword research tool

  • You will get SEO difficulty score for every keyword. For example, you should avoid keywords with an SEO difficulty score above 70 and go for those with less than 40 because they are less competitive.
  • You can export a CSV file of the results with metrics for further analysis or future use.
  • The tool gives you a list of top SERP results ranking for that keyword, which you can use for competitor analysis.
  • Apart from KWFinder, Mongols have other essential tools, such as SEROChecker, LinkMiner and SERPWatcher you can use alongside this tool.

NOTE: You can only do five searches every 24 hours on a free plan so to unlock more searches, you must subscribe to a paid plan.



5. WordTracker keyword tool


WordTracker keyword tool will give you more than 1000 long tail keyword ideas for every search term you enter on the search box.

It pulls the data from a wide range of sources, such as Google, Amazon, and YouTube among others, which makes it one of the best free keyword research tool.

It also provides metrics for every keyword, and you can export the results in a CSV file for future analysis.



Best free keyword research tool Conlusions


Did you any of the best free keyword research tool above?

Of course, you cannot you cannot use all at the same time, but you can test each to see which meets your needs best.

Other keyword research tools

Free keyword research tools

Paid keyword research tools

AskThePublic SEMRush
UberSuggest KW Finder
Moz Keyword Explorer Jaaxy
Soovle Serpstat Keyword Revealer
Keyword Eye Long Tail Pro

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