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Could you be missing some Pinterest traffic because of not using the right Pinterest tools?

More traffic means more page views which equal more money and growth of your customer/audience base.

For a long time, I was only using about 10 out of the 30 Pinterest tools listed below in this post.

Not because I did not like the other 20, but it’s just that I did not know that they exist.

Three days ago I was looking for a Pinterest scheduling tool, and I had only heard on Tailwind, but I was amazed to discover that there are more Pinterest scheduling tools out there.

The more I continued to research I came across other amazing Pinterest tools which were even better than the ones I was already using all along.

So friends that is how this post came about because I thought I should share these fantastic 30 Pinterest tools with you.

Unlike Google traffic which takes more than six months to bring results, Pinterest traffic is instant even if your online business, website or blog is entirely new.

Therefore, you should invest in understanding how to make Pinterest algorithm to work in your favor and also use the right Pinterest tools to sustain that momentum.

This ebook Pinteresting Strategies will teach you all the basics you need to know about driving traffic from Pinterest. 


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Here is a list of my top 4 Pinterest tools which i use daily;

Pin Inspector: I use this tool to do keyword research, discover viral pins and rank my pins on the Pinterest Search.

Tailwind: This tool save me time. When i am out for holidays, I use it to schedule my pins.

Milotree: I use this tool to grow my pinterest followers and market my Pinterest profile on my blog.

Pinteresting Strategies: This course is updated all the time and i use it to discover new Pinterest algorithm changes.






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Tools for Creating Pinterest Graphics and Images


1. Canva

Canva is a free graphics creation, editing, and design Pinterest tool, which will help you to create beautiful images for your Pinterest marketing campaign. Canva is easy to use, and they have a wide variety of templates and free photos you can use to spice up images for Pinterest


2. Pablo

Pablo is a Pinterest tool that will help you to create beautiful images to share on Pinterest in the quickest time. They have a Chrome extension, which makes it easy for you to use this tool from anywhere on the web.


3. PicMonkey

PicMonkey: Similar to Canva, this is a Pinterest tool, which will help you create beautiful pins which are likely to go viral. The advantage is that it is easy to use and has a wide variety of editing options.


4. Easil

Easil: This Pinterest tool will help you to create beautiful images you can share on Pinterest.


5. Tasty pins

Tasty pins: This Pinterest tool will help you to optimize your images for SEO. The advantage is that it will help you to add an alt text for all pins directly from your website.


6. Piktochart

Piktochart: This is a fantastic tool which will help you to create infographics. These type of images equally drive lots of traffic just like other pins when they are appropriately designed. Venngage is another infographic creation tool you can use for the same purpose.


7. Photoshop

Photoshop: This fantastic Pinterest tool will help you to resize and perform further editing on your Pinterest graphics. It can help you to change them into different formats or even adjust their colors and other design elements.

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 Pinterest Scheduling and Management Tools


8. Tailwind

Tailwind: Pinterest only rewards those who are active in their platform. This means that you have to pin or repin at least 50 pins per day. Tailwind is a scheduling tool which will help you to automate your pinning, such that it will do it for even when you’re busy with other tasks. Tailwind is a fantastic Pinterest tool because it is easy to use and it provides analytics for every


9. Buffer

Buffer: This is another Pinterest scheduling tool you can use in case you do not have money to purchase Tailwind membership. It will also help you to find great content and images you can save to Pinterest. You can check out Hootsuite too.


10. Viraltag

Viraltag: This Pinterest tool will help you to schedule pins, pin many images at the same time and provide you with all analytics you can use to track your conversions. Also, this tool has an inbuilt image editor, which will help you to improve the design of your images further.


11. Viralwoot

Viralwoot: This Pinterest tool will help you to schedule pins in bulk from one dashboard, which saves time. It will also provide analytics, which you can use to measure your Pinterest efforts.



Tools for Growing and Marketing/Promoting your Pinterest Account


12. Milotree

Milotree: One way to succeed in your Pinterest marketing strategy is through increasing many followers. This fantastic Pinterest tool will help you to build your followers and showcase your profile directly from your website. When a visitor comes to your site, Milotree will show a pop up of your Pinterest profile with a follow button as shown in the image below.


13. PinGroupie

PinGroupie: Sharing your pins to Pinterest group boards is a great way to drive massive traffic to your blog/website because they have more followers and participation. However, finding the right group boards is not always easy. PinGroupie is an amazing Pinterest tool because it is a directory of all group boards on Pinterest.


14. PinFollow

PinFollow: This Pinterest tool will help you to track your followers. You can use it to filter those who do not follow you back over a period and delete them. Having many followers’ shows that you are an influencer and it somehow boosts your credibility.


15. Pin It button

Pin It button: This Pinterest tool will help your website visitors to save your images directly to Pinterest. This will increase your Pinterest traffic and conversions because it saves time and its more convenient for users who access your website on mobile devices.


16. Pinvolve

Pinvolve: This Pinterest tool will help you to transform your Facebook posts into vertical pins, which will look good on Pinterest. Also, you can use it to group your pins and share them directly to Facebook. The good thing is that you can automate these two processes and let Pinvolve do all the work for you.


17. Monarch

Monarch: This is a WordPress plugin from Elegant Themes which will help you to add social share buttons on your website. These buttons will help your website visitors to share your pin images directly to Pinterest. SumoMe Share and Flare are other examples of tools you can use for the same purpose.


18. Pinterest widget builder

Pinterest widget builder: This Pinterest tool will help you to showcase your latest pins, boards and other elements of your Pinterest profile directly from your website. This can quickly grab the attention of your site visitors and encourage them to visit your profile.


19. Share As Image

Share As Image: Also known as Stencil is a Pinterest tool which will help you to convert text and other non-image elements into pinnable images. It has several editing options you can use to improve the quality of the pictures.


20.Woobox Pinterest Tab

Woobox Pinterest Tab: This Pinterest tool will help you to create a tab for marketing your pins and boards on your Facebook business page. It is a great tool to help you build your community and share your pins across multiple platforms.



Wisestamp: A tool used to create professional email signatures, which will help to identify your business as a brand. Adding social follow icons, such as that one for Pinterest is one way you can brand your Pinterest profile further.



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Pinterest Analytics tools


22.Pinterest Analytics

Pinterest Analytics: You must have a business account to have access to Pinterest analytics. These are all the statistics that will show you how your pins, board, and account is performing. They will show you who is your audience and the pins that are generating a high amount of traffic to your website. Use this article making sense of Pinterest analytics to understand more.


23.Google Analytics

Google Analytics: From your Google analytics account (Home> Acquisitions> Social > Network referrals) you can quickly identify the best-performing pins. These pins are a gold mine because you should repin them to keep their momentum to continue driving traffic from them from Pinterest.



Quintly: With this Pinterest tool you can analyze and measure how your Pinterest account is performing. Paste the link of your Pinterest account on the search box, and in seconds you will receive analytics on your account.


25.True Social Metricsy

True Social Metrics: This tool will not only analyze your Pinterest account, but also every other social media profile/page you would like to know how it is performing. The problem with this tool is that it is expensive, and you can use Cyfe, which is a cheaper alternative and their support is also topnotch.


Other Pinterest Tools


26. Loop88

Loop88: After being on Pinterest for some time, you will grow an audience base and followers. This Pinterest tool will help you to find influencers and marketers in your niche who would love to collaborate with you on Pinterest to reach their target audience.


27. Ahalogy

Ahalogy: If you want an audit on your Pinterest account and profile or strategy then this is one the best marketing services you can use. They partner with many brands most of which have diverse expertise with using Pinterest.


28. Curalate

Curalate: A Pinterest tool which will help you to find viral and trending content to share on Pinterest. This is time-saving unlike searching on the web on all platforms, such as Google.


29. Postris

Postris: It will help you to discover trending pins on your niche and other topics. You can also use it to gain inspiration on how to design your next pin.


30. Rich Pins validator

Rich Pins validator: Rich pins are extra details which give a pin context and description. There are four types: app, product, recipe, and article. After setting up rich pins, you must validate if they are working correctly with this fantastic Pinterest tool.




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