Is Kashkick Legit Or Scam?


Welcome to my Kashkick Review!

There are so many surveys That Pay like Kashkick, Earnably, Swagbucks, Ysense, and Survey Junkie among others.

The problem is that most of those survey sites are scams.

That is why I do these make-money online reviews to help you determine what opportunities are legit and which ones are not.

In today’s review, we are going to evaluate whether Kashkick, which is a money-earning survey site, is legit or not.


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KashKick Overview

KashKick-Review--What-Is-KashKickOwner: Daniel Friedman

Category: An Online Rewards Site

What It Does: Kashkick gives you an opportunity to earn PayPal money by completing short offers like taking surveys and watching videos among others.

Devices: Desktop (They do not have a mobile app yet)

Earning Potential: You can make $10 daily if you are consistent and put in the work!

Earning Options: Paid surveys, paid offers, and the referral program.

Reward Options: Get Paid in form of cash sent to your PayPal account

Recommended: Yes, but, read my Top 10 recommended ways to make money online.


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What Is KashKick?

It is a money-earning website with two interfaces.

One interface is the get paid to site (GPT), where you make money by completing simple tasks like surfing the web and referring new users among others.

The second interface is the paid survey site where survey takers participate in user studies conducted by partner survey panels.

The two interfaces allow you to participate in multiple activities so that you are able to earn cash rewards in form of dollars.

See the image below for some examples of offers you can get on this site.



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Pros & Cons of KashKick

On the upside, KashKick has the following returns;

PayPal Payment Gateway: They will pay you through PayPal, which is a very popular payment gateway. It is easy to use and even getting a PayPal account is 100% free. It’s also secure and it’s globally accepted by all financial organizations.

Free Easy Registration: Getting started is free and very easy to complete since their sign-up form is short. They have few registration requirements giving a chance to beginners.

Minimum Limit: To be able to cash out your earnings, you just need to have a minimum of a $10 payout limit in your dashboard.

Lots of work: It has too many surveys available, which means you will not run out of work or get bored on this site.


On the flipside, KaskKick has the following downsides;

Limited Availability: It is not an opportunity that is available worldwide.

You must reside in these countries (Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States) for your account to get approved.

No Bonuses: Most survey sites and reward sites will give their users a sign-up bonus, which is not available.

Little Information: I did not find an FAQ page. They also don’t have an about page that explains who they are and what they do. The lack of such information and training guides is a disadvantage for beginners.


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KashKick Trustpilot

This is a legitimate survey panel from the positive Trustpilot reviews.

Compared to other survey sites, it’s relatively new to the market.

Despite being new, survey takers give positive reviews about this site.



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KashKick Pay

This is one of the few survey sites that pay in cash only.

In other words, you don’t have to worry about getting paid in form of points, merchandise, and other non-cash rewards.

Another advantage is that they pay through PayPal, which is a very popular, secure, and reliable payment gateway.

In your dashboard, your accumulated rewards will display in form of dollars.

After you attain the $10 payment threshold, you are free to withdraw your cash compensation gains to your PayPal account.


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KashKick Account Login & Sign Up

Step One: Visit the KashKick website then create an account by filling up the sign-up form.

Step Two: Login into the email you used during the registration then click on the invitation link sent by KashKick. You should be able to access your KashKick dashboard through that link.

Step Three: Complete your profile so that you get matched with offers that match your qualifications, location, and preferences.

Step Four: Participate in different paid activities like taking surveys, and watching videos among others to make money.

Step Five: Accumulate your earnings until you reach the minimum payout limit, and once you do, cash out your earnings to your PayPal account.



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Ways To Earn Money With KahKick

The site has three main money-earning opportunities namely;

  • Paid Surveys
  • Paid Offers
  • Referral Program

1. Kashkick Surveys

There are so many paid survey opportunities. The major problem is that the competition is high because new users are signed up.

Apply the three tips below to increase your chances of making more money with surveys.

Tip One:

Make sure you complete and submit the preliminary survey, which is not paid.

This survey is like the test you must take before you are approved by survey creators to take paid surveys.

Tip Two:

Complete your user profile so that you are matched with the right survey opportunities.

The keywords you use on your profile will help the system which manages KashKick surveys to pair you with relevant survey subjects.

Tip Three:

KashKick survey listing section has a feature for showcasing paid surveys. If you use that feature you can be able to estimate how much you will earn per survey and how much time you will spend to complete it.

Always go for those survey sites where you spend little time to complete, yet their rewards are high.


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2. Kashkick Paid Offers

Taking surveys can be time-consuming. If you have limited time, you still can earn money on the KashKick platform by completing minor tasks.

These micro gigs are called get paid to jobs, which take little time to complete.

You will not become rich with these kinds of offers because they are always poorly paid.

You can get information on the monetary rewards of each offer after you open it. It’s always advisable to read that offer-specific information so that you follow all the required instructions.

Below are some examples of such offers;

  • Watching videos
  • Playing games
  • Answering short quizzes and trivia
  • Surfing the web
  • Subscribing or signing up to websites


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3. Kashkick Referrals

You can only be able to refer new users to the KashKick community using your unique referral link after you become a KashKick member.

A KashKick member is someone who has an approved user account.

To get your referral link, sign in to your Dashboard then copy the link and begin promoting it on different platforms like your social media accounts.

For every successful referral, you shall get 25% of the amount they make on KashKick. For example, if they make $100, you shall get $25 as the commission.

Therefore, the more people you refer, the higher amount you shall make through the KashKick referral program.

Watch the video below to discover some other best affiliate programs for beginners, which are popular and easy to promote.


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How Much Can You Make With KashKick?

The answer to this question is very important because…

I do not like to waste my time on opportunities that don’t earn money. I want to believe you operate on the same policy too!

I am sure the last thing you want to do is spend lots of hours on an online rewards website that will not pay you.

To be honest there is no specific answer to this question because you can make from as low as $10 to as high as a couple of thousand dollars on KashKick.

It all depends on the amount of time you spend on the site and the total workload you complete. For instance, a person who completes 100 surveys daily will definitely make more money than one who just completes less than 10 surveys per day.

Another factor you need to consider when making your income projections on this get-paid-to site is the availability of tasks. Some days and even peak hours have more work than others.

Thus, if you capitalize on working during those peak seasons, then you are likely to make more money than someone who works during normal hours.

Finally, the amount you make will depend on the short tasks you choose. Some tasks will take more time to complete, yet they pay so low than others that less time to finish.

Thus, you must carefully take your time when selecting your paid activities on KashKick to make sure you are getting maximum earnings from the time you spend on this site.

In summary, as long as you be consistent and choose the right tasks on KashKick, you should be able to make at least $500 and more every month.


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Wrapping It Up

In this Kashkick review, we have concluded that Kashkick is legit.

Maybe some people call it a scam because you are not going to become rich on any online reward sites.

In my opinion, Kashkick is an opportunity you should try out because we always have some free time to spend.

For example, you can complete a survey on Kashkick while you wait for your friend or while you just bored in your bed or couch.

But, always remember that you cannot become rich with Kashkick. You should try out other tried and proven ways to make money online like those in this post.


Is Kashkick Legit Or Scam?


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