Giving Tracker Kit


Do you strive to faithfully manage your tithes and offerings?

This free download empowers you to confidently track your giving throughout the year, ensuring you honor your commitments and experience the joy of joyful generosity.

Here’s what you’ll unlock:

1. Downloadable Tithing Tracker: Beautifully designed templates for easy and organized tracking of your tithes and offerings.

2. Editable Canva Templates: Personalize your tracker to fit your unique giving style and preferences. Customize categories, colors, and add inspirational quotes!

Bonus Content:

3. 52-Week Savings Challenge: Develop healthy money management habits alongside your tithing journey.

4. Giving Back Challenge Trackers ($300, $500, $1,000 & $2,000): Set ambitious goals and track your progress towards impactful giving initiatives.

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